Why Should You Blog?

Why Should You Blog?

One of the most common push backs I get from my clients is that they do not want to blog. They often tell me they do not have time for it on a regular basis. Or they tell me they are not great at writing. Other clients may have tried blogging in the past, but they haven’t seen any measurable results from it and stopped blogging.

So why should you blog on a regular basis?

1) Blogging improves your search engine optimization (SEO)

Blogging is a very important piece of the SEO puzzle. It also is an easy and cheap way to improve your rankings. This is because search engines want websites that provide fresh quality content on a regular basis.

Also, the more content that you have on your site, the higher your ranking. When you blog you also can rank for more specific keyword phrases or topics.

Learn more about SEO and blogging here.

2) Connect people to your brand

A blog is a great way to provide relevant information to your visitors to learn more about a specific part of your business and to share with others. Blogging gives your potential customers an easy way to connect with your brand.

3) Social media benefits

Another great reason to blog on a regular basis is that you are creating content that you can share and repurpose across social media platforms. Your marketing should center around driving traffic to your website. Having fresh blog content allows you to do this easily and with a specific purpose.

Are you struggling to come up with blog topics? Need some help with SEO? Check out our blog SEO course here.

4) And lastly, but not least, your blog can help people

You are a wealth of knowledge and an expert in your industry. Sharing your insights and thoughts can help other people. Your content might help past customers, current and future customers. The impact you potentially can have on others is unknown!

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