What Plugins are Needed?

What Plugins are Needed?

My clients often ask me “What plugins do I need to have on my site.”

There is not a one size fits all answer for that. But let’s back up just one step for those that might not know.

What is a plugin?

I like to describe it this way… Think of WordPress like your mobile phone. The plugins are the equivalent of apps on your phone. They expand the capability of your site. Just like everyone has different needs for their phones, you’ll have different needs for plugins than someone else.

My recommended plugins

With that being said, there are some plugins that I recommend for most sites.

SG hosting

If you host with SiteGround (which I recommend as well as WordPress.org) you’ll want to be sure you have this plugin. This plugin will compress your images, cache your site, compress your site, etc.

Yoast SEO

This is the #1 SEO plugin out there (in my opinion). Even if you know very little about SEO to start with, this should help you!

Ithemes Security (I like the Pro version)

This plugin has a lot of great built in security options for the non-developer. It has an option for you to change the login URL for the default login screen, blacklist spammers, notify you of attempts to infiltrate your site, and much more. With the pro version you get a few more extra features, including 2 step verification.

Backup plugin

UpdraftPlus is a free plugin for backups. BackupBuddy is a premium plugin that I recommend. While they are both good options, the reason I like BackupBuddy for my site is that it zips the entire backup into one zip file instead of separate zip files. UpdraftPlus has a separate zip file for your database, plugins, themes, uploads and then another folder.

Form plugin

If there is not a form feature built into your site I’d recommend a form plugin such as WPForms or a premium form plugin like this. WPForms has a free lite version which is a very basic contact form set up.

Sucuri Security

I like to use this plugin to complement Ithemes Security. It adds a little bit extra security options including a malware scan.

SEO Local Yoast

If you have a local practice I’d recommend looking into the premium add on plugin for Yoast SEO called Local Yoast SEO.

Other plugin options just vary depending on the theme, capabilities etc. – but the reason I love WordPress so much is that it is pretty much endless in the options you have. The plugins allow us to extend the site and do so much more!

If you are ready to build a new site or thinking about redoing your current site, please schedule a consultation here.

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