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Avoid Techie Overwhelm With Our Simple
and Easy to Implement SEO Blog Training Course

 I get it. You want more clients from the internet. 

When you have an automated way to steadily attract the right people for your services, it frees you up to truly enjoy your work, not have to worry about money or marketing, and thrive in your life.  


After working with hundreds of clients over the last 15 years, I want to show you how to get there.


Here’s the one word bit of magic that I have mastered for my clients: SEO. What the heck is that? Well, the fancy term is search engine optimization. This is the ‘secret weapon’ I’ve used that has helped my clients increase their social proof, dominate their local market, and receive highly qualified traffic. 


I know, SEO sounds intimidating… and to be honest, it is! At least the way it’s normally taught.


You see, most businesses like yours end up spending hundreds or thousands a month to SEO companies. Or they get lost in a quagmire of technical jargon, coding, and all other kinds of nonsense when they try to DIY it. 


I want to show you a better way.


After years of trial and error, I’ve drilled down a process that anyone can use, even if you have zero technical background or knowledge. 


I have a gift for making all this intimidating techie stuff not only super simple, but fun… and of course, the best part is seeing a bunch of extra clients and a spike in your revenue each and every month.


SEO is that powerful, but most business owners are completely missing the opportunity. This is a tragedy, because if your website does not have the right SEO, you are leaving money on the table. A lot of it! 


Think about how hard it feels to get clients right now. Maybe you are grinding away at networking meetings. Or you’re waiting around for those elusive referrals to finally come calling. Or maybe you’re posting 5 times a day on social media.

Ugh! Who has time for all that?


My approach does involve some work, but it’s way easier and more fun than just about all other ‘marketing’ tactics out there.


If you can give me 1 hour of your time for 3 weeks, I can show you exactly how to crush it on local searches for your business, using a process that involves zero ongoing expenses or any of the technical nightmares that make so many people give up.


I guarantee you, VERY few of your competitors are doing anything close to what I can show you, which means this course will give you the upper hand against your competition.

Here are a few testimonials from my clients:

I had no idea about SEO or that there was a particular way to write a blog. I usually consider myself to be technically challenged and didn’t think it was something I could do!  I really enjoyed Rachel’s blog training. She made it so simple. I like the way we built our first blog page step by step with Rachel’s guidance, with great tips along the way. It was actually much easier than I thought and I really enjoyed it.

I have committed to writing a monthly blog and I have just finished my second one. I have been able to go back over Rachel’s notes, examples and checklists as my guide. I am hoping that now I will be able to share my information with more people and further grow my Naturopathic business.

Angela M.

This course was great: it showed me how important the structure of a Blog is and how to optimise it using links. ...It's also been really helpful to have a logical way to categorise Blogs ... I wouldn't hesitate to take this course if you get the opportunity in the future. Thanks Rachel.


She helped me understand the ways blogs can help SEO, even the ways to write them. I was really daunted by the scope of what I wanted, but she broke it down into manageable steps, which helped me get clear with the content.

Jennie L.

Rachel's course on SEO was amazing! I loved the fact that all her information was relevant and easy to put into practice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their blog and online presence.

Aleks M.

Rachel and her team were great to work with, asking lots of questions to understand what I was looking for when I didn’t quite know how to articulate it. Rachel came back with an amazing site and helped me understand the WordPress dashboard so that I could have control of the backend afterwards. She set up my SEO and I am already seeing an increase in traffic. Highly recommended. Thanks Rachel!

Annie C.

I have been an acupuncturist for a long time and I had never truly felt comfortable with my level of understanding of web design, content and especially SEO. After working with Rachel for a few months and taking her SEO Blog Training Course, I feel I have learned an incredible amount in a short period of time. She is a rare find and if you want to take your online marketing skills to the next level I highly recommend her. 5 Stars!!!

Kurt P. Redmond L.Ac.

After 5 years of having an underperforming homemade website, I finally bit the bullet and hired a professional. I AM SO GLAD I DID, and I wish I had done it years ago. Rachel is extremely professional, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Not only is the design consistent with my practice, but the SEO is already bringing in more traffic than I ever had on my previous site.

Katie R.

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Week #1

In the first week we'll focus on why blogging is important, how often you should blog, what keywords to use and what the structure of your blog looks like.

Week #2

In the second week we'll focus on where keywords for each blog go, how to optimize your content and images when you post your blog.

Week #3

In the third week we'll focus 

 how to use the Wordpress tools to finalize and post your blog. We’ll also discuss what to do next after the blog is posted. 

**Please note: This course is created for the WordPress platform however the strategies and information about how to structure your blog can be implemented in other platforms.

What You'll Be Learning

Watch this video to get a sample of the course content and how the lessons will be laid out. We look forward to having you join us!

The weekly videos will not be live. With everyone’s busy schedules in different time zones it’s hard for most people to join live. Therefore, you'll be able to view the lessons at your convenience each week and to take it at your own pace.

Next Course Starts In:


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