Loving your website this year

I talk to a lot of people who are not sure if they need a new website or not. I usually ask them to step back and take a look at the site from an outsider perspective. Does the website compel them to pick up the phone? Is it professional? I also ask them if they are getting any prospects from the site. What is traffic and conversions like?

Sometimes when you can step outside of the box as an observer or a potential client – as someone who is seeing the site for the first time – it can be easier to decide if it’s time for a new website or not.

Having a website that you love is so important in your overall marketing plan. Your website is the hub for everything that you do. If you aren’t impressed with it – your prospects likely will not be either.

It can be hard sometimes to make that commitment to creating a new site. You can get bogged down in the amount of time/money you’ve spent creating the site you currently have…so even thinking about a new site can be intimidating. This is a huge block for a lot of people.

Some of my clients have been burned by their friend or family member who assured them just to save money and they could build an awesome site…only to have one 6 months later that was subpar and oftentimes not any better than before.

Many of my past clients have attempted to create their own website and are usually the ones who have spent the longest time creating it. It was a frustrating process that left them feeling hopeless.

In this digital age if you are trying to be successful in your business you NEED to have a professional website. Your website is the first impression someone gets from you. It’s the cover of the book…and like it or not, it will be judged this way.

How it looks, the message you are portraying, and the brand you put out there is critical in continuing that potential relationship. First impressions really do matter.

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Rachel Muraca
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