Identifying Your Target Market

Identifying Your Target Market

An important first step of any marketing is to figure out who your target market is.

This might be different than who your current customers/clients are – maybe you are looking for a different audience. Or, it might be the same type of people, but you are going to get even more specific.

This exercise should help you identify the specific group of people who are “speaking” to you in your marketing.

This is often called your target market or your ideal market.

How can you identify who your target market is?

Start by painting a clear picture in your head of this one ideal person. This person is your best client/customer. They are a perfect fit for you. Brainstorm answers to some of these questions

What age is this person?

What gender?

What is their education level?

Where do they live?

What other demographics come into play?

What activities do they enjoy?

What past experiences have they had? What have they tried/haven’t tried yet?

What is every day like for this person?

What problems are they facing in their lives?  What might they be struggling with?

What emotions/feelings are behind these struggles?

What does their life look like after you have helped with xyz problem/issue?

After you paint this picture and create an avatar for this one ideal person you next want to identify what your business does to solve these problems. What makes you unique? What is your unique selling proposition/point (USP)?

Identifying your ideal market is a key component of successful marketing.

If you know WHO you are marketing to, you can be sure that you are “speaking” to the right person.

My clients often get a little weary of this task or tend to keep their target market too broad in fear of excluding potential clients. The goal is to get very specific. Pick that one person. Imagine what they are like. Speak to that person.

If you try to market yourself to everyone vs a specific group of people, you will lose that connection piece.

Try this exercise and see how it helps!

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