What Plugins are Needed?

What Plugins are Needed?

My clients often ask me “What plugins do I need to have on my site." There is not a one size fits all answer for that. But let’s back up just one step for those that might not know. What is a plugin? I like to describe it this way……
Recommended Plugin WPForms

WPForms – Recommended Contact Form Plugin

What might seem hard, can actually turn out to be pretty easy.  You do not need to hire out a developer to build a contact form on your website. A contact form plugin like WPForms might be all you need. Contact Form Plugins There are many…
Ithemes Security Pro

Featured Plugin – Ithemes Security

When it comes to security the Wordpress Plugin that I like best is iThemes Security. They have a great free plugin but I like (and personally use) their premium version iThemes Security Pro. I do tell my clients that there is nothing you…
BackupBuddy Wordpress Premium Plugin

Featured Plugin: BackupBuddy

There are many options for backing up your WordPress website. My personal favorite and the featured plugin I'm highlighting today is BackupBuddy. Before I jump in I want to point out that backups are extremely important for your WordPress website.…